Sandi Bat - MAGIC OIL

Massage of this oil and then usage of hot dryer is beneficial in relieving joint and back pain. It also strengthens nerves, muscles , and bones. Blood circulation will be normal and more effective . In case of severe burns this oil massage will help to prevent blisters or infections leaving behind a cooling sensation. It will also benefit children’s and adult’s after the oil massage. It helps in relaxation and will also help in exaggerating deep sleep.

For Menstruation problem: Massage will help in relief of terrible abdominal pain, low or high blood loss. Bad smell or puss of clotted blood etc.

Direction for massage

  • For leg and Back pain: Massage from below the waist till the knee and then from knee till the ankle. [The Portion 4 & 5 as in the picture.]
  • For Back Pain: Massage gently on both sides of the spinal cord vertically.
  • For Knee Pain: Massage on the knee and the space behind the knee. [The area 3 in the picture.]
  • For menstruation problem: Massage on both sides of the ankle. (for both legs) and also on the lower part of the arm specifically on the nerves and veins. [The parts 1,2 & 3 respectively ]

Sandi Bat - MAGIC OIL

Net vol – 100 ml
Made of Tiltali , Bonlata , Arenda , Akanda , Parwal, Alovera , Bisalakha , Susni, Jumilata , Camphor , Ashvagandha , Dhuntura.

Expiry Two Years from Manufacturing date. For external use only, Keep away from children.

Is the inaugurator of medical science and is the incarnation of the supreme personality of Godhead Krishna. One who remembers the name of Dhanvantari can be released from all diseases.


Manufactured in India by
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